Research Support

We gratefully acknowledge the following agencies and companies who support our research.

NSF logo

U.S. National Science Foundation

  • [2015-2020] CAREER: Transport Phenomena in Ultracold Neutral Plasmas, PHY1453736
US Airforce Logo

U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research

  • [2016-2019] Theory of Magnetized Ultracold Neutral Plasmas, FA9550-16-1-0221
US DOE logo

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences

  • [2016-2021] Transport Properties of Magnetized High-Energy-Density Plasmas, DE-SC0016159

Collaborative projects with U.S. Department of Energy laboratories:

Los Alamos Logo

Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • [2015] Transport Properties of Magnetized High-Energy-Density Plasma, LDRD
Sandia Logo

Sandia National Laboratory

  • [2013-2016] Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Transient Anodic Interfaces, DE-AC04-94SL85000 (prime sponsor: DOE OFES)